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You'll find me on melodeon.net as Mitch the Bass

Saltarelle Pastourelle III G/D
A 3-reed instrument with 2 and a half rows and 12 bass. This gives me the reversals and accidentals on the right hand which I like for English-style playing as well as stops for different sounds.

Bertrand Gaillard C/G
Another 3 reed, 2 and a half row instrument with a right hand thumb coupler to remove the third reed and a left hand stop to remove thirds. This box is unusual in having the half row mechanically coupled to the bottom 4 buttons.

Dallape C/F
A very old 3 reed club melodeon with a thumb coupler to remove the low reed. The club system "Gleichton" gives a similar facility as the reversals on a 2 and a half row box.

Hohner Corso D/A
A wet tuned box in an unusual key.

Hohner Erica G/D
The old standby reserved for outdoor playing.


You'll find me on concertina.net as Howard Mitchell

Andrew Norman
Millenium 37 button anglo concertina in G/D.

40 button anglo concertina in C/G

32 button baritone anglo in C/G

Double Bass

Acoustic Bass
I play a standard 4-string solid wood acoustic double bass made in Czechoslovakia in about 1980.

Electric Upright
For larger venues I use a Bridge Cetus Bass.